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Records Management

Records Management

The English lexicon defines ‘record’ as a set of identified and authentic facts, generally in writing for the aim of preserving knowledge. It can be regarded more broadly, as the information or data collected on a particular subject from the time of it inception till its conclusion to preserve it for posterity’s sake. Painstaking efforts are required, especially when it comes to digging up old archival information and establishing such records. For example in order to record the exact date of the building of an ancient historic monument, historians and archaeologists after months of intensive research and excavations finally appear at a consensus, regarding the date which is legally recorded and authenticated. Now this record can be regarded as a point of reference for this particular monument after being recognized legally. Thus record management can be defined as the system of maintaining the records of a particular organization, architecture, civilization or an individual. Its main aim is to provide evidence and supply information. The records can be either digital records or physical records.

When a legal record is made available, it should be authenticated after subjecting it to proper analysis by forensic experts so as to make sure it is not a forgery.

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